Thompson Long Range Helps With Extreme Huntress Contest

During the second week of July, Thompson Long Range was invited to Hondo, TX to help with the Extreme Huntress™ Contest. Extreme Huntress™ is a reality-based show with a goal to promote women who are interested in an outdoor lifestyle and wildlife conservation. The producers feel if mom goes hunting, so will her children. Narrowed down to six female competitors, we were honored to teach these six women the basics of long range shooting with the Thompson Long Range 30-378 Weatherby.


The first day was an instructional day; teaching them the basics then taking them to the range where they shot 300 yards, 600 yards, and 800 yards. Little did they know that the next day was the Long Range Challenge, where they had to reproduce what they learned during the instructional day. One at-a- time each woman was blindfolded and brought to the same shooting table they shot from the day before. When the blindfold was removed, their instructions were that they had to shoot twice at 300 yards, twice at 600 yards, and three times at the 800 yard target in less than five minutes. This means they had to not only recall the instructions from the day before, but also accurately deliver the bullets to each target. Scoring was based on speed, accuracy, and overall comprehension of the long range course teachings.

Thompson-Long-Range-Extreme-HuntressAll women shot extremely well and were 6 for 6 on the 800 yard target. Had it not been for the ease and simplicity of the Thompson Long Range system (fixed reticle, no turret adjustments), it would have been much more difficult for them to adjust for the different distances and keep it under five minutes. We are proud to say that none of them exceeded the five minutes, in fact most had one to two minutes remaining.

Online episodes will post, at and, every week from August 1 through the first week of January, 2017. This gives folks at home an opportunity to vote for their favorite Extreme Huntress™. The Extreme Huntress Award™, created by the accomplished sculptor Mark James, will be presented to one of the six finalists at the Dallas Safari Club black-tie awards dinner in January 2017. Our congratulations go out to the six finalists and we look forward to watching at the Dallas Safari Club awards dinner.

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