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How do I reserve my spot at the Thompson Long Range course?

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What is the difference between a Turret and Fixed Reticle Scope?

Why does Thompson Long Range use a Fixed Reticle Scope instead of a Turret System?

Why are there no wind dots in the Thompson Long Range Custom Fixed Reticle Scope?

How can I be more accurate at long range?

Thompson Long Range rifle shootingPurpose and Benefit

A recent email was sent to us from James Brown from Washington. It reads: “Mark, do you really believe that this long range shooting is ethical?”

Mark's response was: “James, let me answer your question with a story. I was recently hunting in Wyoming for Mule Deer. We were sitting on a ridge where we had previously scouted out a nice buck and set up at approximately 700 to 800 yards and waited for this buck to graze out. While we were waiting a group of six hunters came into the valley, they spread out, and started their drive. As they pushed through the brush they spooked the buck out and across an opening. Four of the six hunters began shooting at the running buck, from as close as 150 yards up to 600 yards until the buck ran out of site. A total of 13 shots were fired at this buck by these hunters. As far as I know, they did not get this buck. With the equipment that we have, our confidence in being able to set up and taking an undisturbed animal with one shot, has changed the way we hunt. I hope this answers your question.”

Yeah, Thompson Long Range really works.